Scale how you share ideas — and how you consume them.

Ready to change the world? Bullhorn lets activists seamlessly communicate, one-to-many — with thousands of simultaneous followers. You don't have to wait to have an impact. Create and curate messages to resonate with your intended audience. Then sit back and let listeners experience a whole new way to consume content.

Live podcast

Get your content heard by tagging your profile, upcoming broadcasts and recorded events.

Stream your message

Already have an online radio broadcast or podcast? Add the link and stream so listeners can avoid data charges.

Record and store content

Create new recordings and store in your event library. Privacy settings allow you to determine access to your content.

Searchable content

Tag your profile and created events and get found by the right people. Manage shares to control for visibility.

Group messaging and chat

Get real-time access to your people with text or voice messaging to followers — or have a group audio or video call.

Social-media friendly

Your Bullhorn profile is compatible with other social media platforms. It's easy to share a link to all your accounts.

Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist. The all-in-one app for digital activists.

Be fearless and let the world hear what you have to say. Our free activism app allows you to connect with your local community — or grow a global follower base. Bullhorn gives social and political activists the tools you need to make a difference.

Be accessible

The best way to change minds is by making a connection. Send instant text or voice messages, or elevate the conversation to a video call.

Get heard

Followers can stay current with notifications and view your events in their feeds. Or, followers can access your recording library on-demand.

Go viral

Be a changemaker. Encourage followers to share your content with others — and build your profile to be recommended to new listeners.

Raise your voice in protest, or raise it in unity.

Bullhorn is part social media, part internet radio and podcast app, part conference call, part messaging app. It's for raising your voice, whatever the reason.

So whether you're organizing a demonstration or broadcasting a live response to the opposition, this intuitive app for activists can handle all of your critical communications.

Download Bullhorn and do something.

There's no limit to what activists and changemakers can do with Bullhorn — from impromptu podcasts to strategy meetings with your team to awareness-raising events. If you don't like the world around you, do something to change it.

Bullhorn is a great place to start.