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Bullhorn is a creative and engaging app you can use to share and consume live and prerecorded audio content. It’s part online radio, part communication and collaboration platform, part social media. It’s a way to hold events that connect thousands of people with mission-critical quality — without incurring considerable costs. We built Bullhorn to scale for a global community — a place where the world can meet you and you can meet the world. We hope you'll both be better for it.

Sitting down? A whopping $0.00. Bullhorn is available for free for iOS and Android™ devices. Operator calling and data charges may apply.

Thousands of people can call into live events and streams at once without any issues. Recordings that are posted have no limit and can be listened to on demand by any user/listener.

Yes! It is free to broadcast, listen, share, and do everything on Bullhorn. However, we do have a premium option for users that wish to access additional features. These premium features are outlined in our "Bullhorn Premium" section.

To edit your username, password, personal and privacy settings, just log in to the app. Tap the profile icon and then Edit Profile. We also recommend adding your email and a bio, but this is not required.

To get started, allow Bullhorn to access your contacts. Tap the profile icon, tap Contacts and then Allow Access. Invite contacts to use Bullhorn with SMS, email or Facebook.

Tap the bullhorn icon on the menu. Determine the kind of event you’re holding. Give it a title. Click Next. Set a time and a date, from now to any point in the future. Set the privacy settings for your event. Click Next. You can sync events to your calendar. You have the option to tag your event so it can be found in a search, identify guest speakers, and record it for later. Then save the event as a draft or post.

  • How do I collect funds from my followers?*
  • This feature is Coming Soon. You'll simply upgrade to a Bullhorn Premium account in order to fundraise using your bullhorn profile. You can also add a "fund" button to your profile where you followers can donate and help fund your channel.

You can create new recordings in app. However, if you wanna upload recordings from another source you will have to use our web dashboard on a desktop or laptop.

Go to your profile settings and turn on the privacy switch.

The max file size per recording is 1GB, which is about 3 hours of audio content.

Yes! Bullhorn lets you create a Live Event, select a date in the future or right now for it to happen an event and invite Guest Speakers

Bullhorn goes by a follower model. Anyone can find you, follow you and access content you have posted. If your profile is private, however, you must approve new followers' requests before content on the channel can be accessed.