It's radio broadcasting for newbies, pros a whole new pool of listeners

Bullhorn supports live radio streaming as well as on-demand audio content, attracting a wide range of users on the hunt for something new. Whether you're setting up a brand new radio station or streaming your existing online radio, Bullhorn can boost your listener base. And it's free.


Build a strong profile and tag your radio content. Followers will be notified of all your upcoming shows.

Stream internet radio

Already have a show, or a show you love? Use Bullhorn to stream via the URL and share with all your followers.

Upload radio favorites

Make all your past shows available to listeners to access on-demand. Record on Bullhorn to add to your library.

Listen for free

Get Bullhorn and never worry about eating up your data by streaming audio. Use an unlimited minutes plan to tune in.

Engage with radio hosts

Follow the stations that perk your interest. Send in text or voice messages or comment on broadcasts.

Check out this #radiostation

With Bullhorn, it's easy to share the content you love on all the social media platforms you use.

Time to get adventurous and start a radio station.

You've been wondering how to become a radio host. Bullhorn is about to deliver opportunity directly to your mobile phone. Become an online radio broadcaster and let your voice reach 5,000 concurrent listeners.

Boost listener engagement

Go all in and really connect with your listeners. Use Bullhorn to run live Q events and grow your listenership.

Share what inspires you

Got your own favorite radio hosts who never disappoint? Rebroadcast your radio heroes for your followers.

Set the radio world aflame

Encourage your followers to repost your show and find new users. As your profile grows, your show will be promoted.

It's internet radio at a higher frequency.

Bullhorn isn't just for online radio. You'll find a huge library of audio events from all across the listening spectrum.

Plus, Bullhorn supports dynamic communication between users. It's part live radio broadcasting, part podcasting, part social media, part texting and chat app.

Download Bullhorn. Your ears will thank you.

And so will your wallet. Because broadcasting and listening are free. So break out those stylish headphones or unleash your inner Orson Welles. Or Vin Scully. Or Christiane Amanpour. Or Komla Afeke Dumo. You get the idea.

So grab that Bullhorn. It's time to go live, in three. Two. (One).