It's one unique podcast app for one unique you.

Be the master of your own podcasting universe and create one-of-a-kind content to share. Or, if you prefer to listen, just follow your favorites and browse to find new podcasts, live events, radio streams and other audio content.

Onboard recordings

Use your event library for the upload and storage of earlier recorded podcasts. Select who can access your content.

Podcast streaming

Stream your podcast on Bullhorn to give subscribers another way to hear content while avoiding data charges.

Add tags

Make it easy for new listeners to find you. Get heard by categorizing your profile and audio content with searchable tags.

One-tap follow

Explore the possibilities with unrestricted access to all channels. Then tap the plus sign to follow and hear content.

Stay up-to-date

Access the latest releases and any archived podcasts or other content —from anywhere you have phone service.

Social media integration

Hear something good? Invite your friends to listen. Easily share links to Bullhorn content on social media platforms.

Don't just listen to a podcast app. Start your own podcast.

Wondering how to start your own podcast? Here's some good news for newbies. There's no equipment to purchase and no high fees to manage. All you need is Bullhorn, the all-in-one podcast app that lets you consume content from to a global community, start a podcast — and build a strong follower base. Plus enjoy dynamic communication with other broadcasters and listeners.

Be seen and heard

Followers will find podcasts in their feeds and be notified when your new podcast is available — or access it on-demand.

Engage with listeners

View user comments and respond. Get feedback via text or voice messages. Or hold easy Q&A sessions on audio or video.

Let your podcast go viral

Get recommended as your profile grows, tag content to get found in search, and let followers share your podcast.

The podcast app that redefines how you get and share audio content.

95% of U.S.-based mobile customers have free, unlimited minutes. What they don't have is unlimited data. With Bullhorn, listeners get access to podcasts and other audio content without paying for data — live and on-demand.

For podcasters, Bullhorn makes it easy to record, upload, stream and post content without cost and with a whole new level of listener engagement.

Download Bullhorn. The world is waiting.

Our world is a complicated place. Bullhorn is a platform where we can all come together and make sense of it. Remember, listening is free — as it should be. But for those who have something to say, just create it and share it with the world. Free.