The best prayer app for live and life-changing prayer

You already know that faith has changed your world. Now share the power of that faith. Use the Bullhorn app for prayer requests and praying together at local, national and even global levels. Stream meaningful content or craft a new message. Then post and let your content resonate with others.

Organize group prayer

Search Bullhorn for the group that suits your needs. Or create your own by adding contacts and inviting others.

Set reminders to pray

Use push notifications to alert you of an upcoming prayer event. Your followers will also be notified to join in.

Take prayer requests

For targeted and personal prayer, use Bullhorn app for prayer requests via instant text or voice messages.

Pray live

Pray together during scheduled prayer events or hold an impromptu prayer session in response to an urgent need.

Stream uplifting content

Share content by streaming from an existing URL. Your followers can tune in and receive what they need.

Recordings library

All your recorded prayer, worship or study events will be stored in your event library. Privacy settings let you control visibility.

Rejoice. Connect. Lift up. Uplift. The go-to app for prayer.

In this unpredictable world, worship and prayer can bring people together to put their faith first. With this free prayer app, you can raise your voice for the people and causes you care about. Connecting on the Bullhorn prayer app allows followers to receive the encouragement they need to stay spiritually centered.

Live podcasting

With Bullhorn, stream live audio to thousands of listeners for free. Followers are notified of events or can access your content on-demand.

Pray together

Take prayer requests via text or audio message. When requests warrant more engagement, audio and video calls can connect groups.

Spread the message

Let the message inspire others. Strengthen your platform and have followers share your content to get new listeners recommended.

It's the daily prayer app that changes how the world prays.

With Bullhorn, you'll have an unprecedented ability to pray and connect with the faithful. Organizing for worship and prayer through every daily circumstance has never been easier.

And every day, pray. Just imagine the power behind thousands of people trusting together for everyday miracles. Imagine the impact of facing a crisis or disaster with countless others who share your faith. It's world-changing. And it's free.

This app for group prayer and worship is always close at hand.

Download Bullhorn and fill this world with prayer and worship.

Just like your faith, this prayer app is exactly what you make it. So download, create, share and receive. Bringing people together in prayer is how you make a difference.