Your small business + our small business app = a customer community

In our digitally-driven world, it's harder and harder to win loyal customers. The solution? Build a brand that inspires loyalty. Find a space to tell the story of your business. Show off your moxie, your creativity and your passion. Develop a community of people that don't want to live without you. That's why Bullhorn is the best app for small business — because community is built right in.

Group messaging

Bring your team together with our robust chat functionality. Easily upgrade a text to a quick audio or video call.

Podcast live events

Announce new products and services in a live podcast. Or start your own business podcast to build brand awareness.

Stream live audio

Let listeners access live streaming and archived events from your event library. Determine access with privacy settings.

Social media compatibility

Easily add a link to Bullhorn content on social media. Encourage shares from followers to get organic exposure.

Prioritize customers

Use Bullhorn to start a conversation with customers. Get feedback from comments or with live polling.

Content management

Post content to the public, followers or created groups. Tag content for search, manage shares and more.

It's the best app for small business growth

Bullhorn delivers the small business trifecta: managing sales, communicating with customers and getting organic growth. Bullhorn is an innovative forum for building your business by supporting all your internal and external communications.

Keep your team focused

Train new employees,group message the team or have an impromptu conference call or video chat.

Engage customers

The key is engagement. Send customers a voice message about a new product or hold a live Q&A session.

Grow, grow, grow

You'll get organic views and growth when followers share your profile or event with other users.

It's the group chat app for business that really gets your point across.

Bullhorn supports 21st century communication. So it's part voice texting, part video chat and part messaging app. To that, we've added the ability to communicate instantly to thousands of people at a time. For free.

There's no other mobile app for business quite like it.

Download Bullhorn and go big with your small business.

Set up shop with the Bullhorn app for business and set yourself apart from the competition. Tell your story. Make a connection with your customers. Grow your follower base. Your business will thank you.